Remember how the ‘traditional saviors of Indian culture’ had harassed a young couple in a metro of Kolkata a few days back just because they were being inappropriately close to each other and thus, were putting morals and values under severe threat? Now see another case in the same city but this time in a Mela (a fair).

The incident took place on 6th June at Chuchura Handlum Mela, 1st ground in Kolkata. A middle-aged man was rubbing his pants against the back of a young girl who was standing and enjoying the view of a ride with her mother. He was bending over the girl repeatedly.

A vigilant citizen among the crowd noticed his filthy moves and started filming him. The man in Black trousers and white shirt, as seen in the video which is going rounds on social media realized that his act is being recorded and immediately turned his face to the other side. The mother of the girl in context also sensed something wrong in the air and her motherly instincts compelled her to switch her position with her daughter. After this, the culprit walked away.

However, the crime didn’t go unnoticed and that’s the best part of the incident. The video has caught the attention of Kolkata police too. When few users informed Kolkata police about the incidence via messenger, Kolkata police was more than quick to respond and we are hopeful for that some strong action shall be taken at the same speed.

Ironically, two adults of opposite sex being affectionate to each other in public places enrage us so much that we jump into action immediately and thrash them. But, among us, in front of our eyes, the modesty of many girls is outraged in several ways, and our blood fails to boil. Before we stand up, we need to learn what we should stand for and what we should stand against.

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