In the last few months, a number of incidents of alleged medical negligence have surfaced which has shaken our faith in the reputed hospitals and medical professionals. When a medical professional shows negligence it can prove fatal for patients and cause a significant loss to the patient and his family. In a shocking incident, a patient was allegedly prescribed an antiseptic lotion to cure a cough in Mahishadal, West Bengal. The incidence again raises a question mark on the seriousness and responsibilities of hospitals towards their patients.

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According to India today, the patient Sudhir Samanta is an old man who started having cough very frequently after which his family took him to the Basulia Rural Hospital in Midnapore for treatment which was around 150 km from Kolkata.

The old man was not in a good state as there was blood in his sputum. So the doctors conducted some medical examinations and then prescribed some medicines to be given to him.

But in place of cough syrup, Sudhir Samanta was allegedly prescribed an antiseptic lotion as medicine for his cough problem. What’s more shocking is he consumed one full bottle as he or anyone who was with him didn’t know how to read English. The lotion was meant to be applied externally.

When his first bottle was finished, he went to the chemist to buy a second one. There he learned about the stupid mistake the doctors made and how he was consuming antiseptic thinking it as cough syrup.

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The blame went to Mohanchander Ghorai, The Block Medical Officer of Health (BMOH) as he wrote the prescription to the patient.

Nabakumar Samanta, Sudhir’s son, claimed that they were handed a Povidone-Iodine lotion bottle from the hospital dispensary. There wasn’t any chance to suspect the lotion in the prescription as it was prescribed by the doctors.

The Block Medical Officer of Health has admitted his mistake and promised to bear all expenses for the treatment of Sudhir.

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