Harison Hari is a photographer from Attingal in Thiruvananthapuram. He is in his early twenties and ‘Christianity’ is his religion. He fell in love with 19 YO Shahana who is a Muslim girl. The couple disappeared from their respective homes 5 days before.

Worried, the boy’s family lodged a missing complaint in Attingal police station and the girl’s family in Valapattanam police station. On Thursday, the couple has appeared before Attingal police post marriage and has complained of receiving death threats from Shahana’s family and the Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI).

Source: Matrubhumi

Harison says that their trouble began when they uploaded their wedding pictures on Facebook. He came live on Facebook on Wednesday evening along with his wife and said that he doesn’t want to be another Kevin (a youth from Kerala killed for marrying a woman of higher caste and class).

I have been told that I will be killed at any time. I have been threatened by the Social Democratic Party of India and her relatives. They have threatened to kill my father, mother and my sister. We are scared to even call my dad and speak to him, that’s when we decided to upload such a video. I don’t want to end up on a poster like Kevin for marrying the woman I loved,” Harison was quoted by TheNewsMinute.

SDPI is the same outfit which had vigorously campaigned and fought for Akhila, who converted to Islam and is now Hadiya and married Shafin Jahan, in the infamous ‘Love Jihad’ case. Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI), is the political wing of the Muslim extremist and militant Islamic fundamentalist organization Popular Front of India (PFI), which has been accused of having terror links.

Shahana too has a clear message for her family, “I did not think of religion or caste when I fell in love or when I married him. I am still a Muslim, he hasn’t converted me, I haven’t said that I will convert. I have gone with him on my own will. What will you gain by killing us? You have nothing to gain. I don’t want to be killed, I want to live with him”.

Talking about Harison’s family, his father Stephen has denied commenting on his son’s interfaith marriage or his receiving death threats. He says to TNM, “He had been missing for five days. The last time he came home was on July 14. After that, we came to know that he eloped with the woman, and there has been no communication from his side. We then filed a complaint with the police and today they appeared before the police”.

Attingal police have released Harison after recording his statement but Shahana is still under custody since her missing report was filed with Valapattanam police who must take her custody. She’ll be released once her statement is recorded with the magistrate.

“She has said that she wants to live with him. But since there is a missing case registered at the Valapattanam police, we will have to take her there or they will come here to get her custody”, says Attingal police.

We live in a society where people can even kill their children if s/he dares to love someone out of their society, religion or caste. The shameful mentality needs to change so that there are no more Kevin, Ankit Saxena cases in our country. No one has the right to separate two consenting adults if they decide to stay together, not even the police or the family members. We hope Harrison and Sahana receive proper security instead of death threats by their families and extremists of the society.

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