The popular TV show ‘Tarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashma‘ is indeed a popular show running over Indian television that never fails to make the audience laugh. Currently, Kavi Kumar Azaad, who was playing Dr Hathi in the show died an untimely death that has left the fans sad. Well, there is more to it that awakens the dark truth of the entertainment industry.

Kavi’s doctor, who had performed bariatric surgery on him 8 years back has revealed something very dangerous about his health. 8 years ago, when Kavi weighed 265 Kgs and had collapsed on sets, he was put on the ventilator. Dr Muffi Lakdawala had operated him and successfully reduced his weight to 140 Kgs. He had also advised the actor to go under the knife once more so the weight is brought down to 90 kgs. But however, Kavi didn’t show much interest in follow up.

‘I have to remain fat so that I continue to look fat on screen.’- this was Kavi’s take on the second bariatric surgery, says Dr Muffi.

The doctors reveal in an interview with the that he had advised Kavi to use padded costume to look fat on the screen instead of endangering his health. But since that couldn’t help his face look chubby, Kavi ruled out the option.

Source: SonyLiv

“He just told me that he won’t get work if he does not remain fat. He said he was not handsome to get a role. He added that he will have to remain fat to earn his livelihood.

I even called him a couple of times. He used to pick up my call and only say, “Aaunga, aaunga.” After that, we lost contact.” The Doctor was quoted as saying.

Neglecting his health, Kavi had ended up gaining 20 kgs and weighed 160 kgs at the time of death.

Finally, “Dr Hathi” passed away due to cardiac arrest a few days ago. Artists and fans of TV industry have paid tearful homages to him.

‘A fat guy is easy to laugh at’, this notion has made several fat cartoon character go famous. But today, a human died satisfying the criteria. He died in desperate attempts to tickle our sense of humor. The sudden demise of Kavi Kumar Azad serves as a reminder to us to not value anything more than the health. Rest in peace sir!

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