The incident took place on 21 February on National Highway 31 near the Garumara forest of Jalpaiguri district. Businessman Nitu Ghosh was returning to Lataguri on his scooter after performing Pooja in a temple situated inside the aforementioned forest along with his wife Titli and 4 YO daughter, Ahana.

He saw a herd of elephants on the verge of crossing roads and stopped right there. After the animals walked away, he resumed the journey. However, few members of the herd were left out and showed up out of nowhere.

Representational image via Twitter

Unprepared, Nitu applied sudden breaks but the vehicle seemed to get rammed into the animals and all three of them fell down. One of the wild giants came to the rescue of the child and placed her between her legs till other animals passed the spot. Only after all others left, the rescuer elephant walked away leaving behind the child safe in her mother’s arms.

Source : Thomas S

A truck driver who was passing by then sensed something was seriously wrong and honked to drive the wilds away. He too helped the family reach Hospital as the parents were injured. The child, though absolutely safe and unharmed has been left traumatized by the unexpected accident.

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