In July 2017, Enedina Vance posted a photo of her baby daughter on Facebook,
and it went massively viral.The controversial post shows her baby smiling with a silver stud piercing on her left dimple.

She wrote :  So I got the baby girl’s dimple pierced!! ‘It looks so cute, right?!! I just know she’s gonna love it!! She’ll thank me when she’s older lol If she decides she doesn’t like it, she can just take it out, no big deal.

I’m the parent, she is MY CHILD, I will do whatever I want!! I make all of her decisions until she’s 18, I made her, I own her!!
I don’t need anyone’s permission, I think it’s better, cuter, & I prefer her to have her dimple pierced. It’s NOT abuse!! If it was, it would be illegal, but it’s not. People pierce their babies every day, this is no different.”

This post caused a major backlash and she received a lot of death threats for the cruelty to her baby. People started messaging her how she has absolutely no right to pierce her baby and how it’s a violation of the physical integrity of her child. She was reported to child services and even Facebook took down the pic for a while.

However, people missed one thing in the post, the hashtag #Sarcasm.The pic was fake, Yes, she Photoshopped the piercing to make an important point about something, no one guessed: circumcision.

She used the shock-value photo to make people think about how much worse she believes circumcision or genital mutilation to be when compared to piercing.

Genital Mutilation is the ritual cutting or removal of some or all of the external female genitalia(in case of women) or foreskin in the case of males. It often leads to pain, shock, tetanus, genital sores, excessive bleeding, etc. It also has a long-lasting psychological impact on the victims. This usually happens at a young age for cultural reasons.

The reasons for boys and men being circumcised range from religious and cultural reasons to medical and hygiene concerns.

Recently, many activists have also protested against the practice in India.

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Enedina’s post caused a facepalm to the people who had earlier defended the decision of circumcising or female genital mutilation. Enedina finally wrote,”I wanted people to get outraged, to react, to be completely shocked that someone would pierce their child’s face.They have to justify their outrage over a piercing vs their acceptance of genital mutilation. No one has the right to alter or modify another person’s body, whether piercings or genital cutting, for aesthetic purposes, not even parents.”


She says she’s been campaigning against child circumcision, after being asked by a doctor in 1998 whether she wanted her son’s foreskin removed.She added, she wanted to make clear that some parents who thought it outrageous to have a child’s face pierced would have no problem with choosing to have a child circumcised.

What a way to start a conversation lady!

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