Suri district in West Bengal witnessed an unusual wedding on Wednesday. No one could help keeping their eyes off the couple.The wedding which solemnized at Ishwarpur village in Birbhum, about 160km from Kolkata, was extraordinary in its own sense.When the priest was chanting wedding mantras the couple was not repeating it after him not out of disrespect but because they can’t hear it. All that mattered to the beautiful couple was that they were now destined to be together forever.

Both the bride and the groom taking wedding vows were speech and hearing impaired.


The bride,20-year-old Tulsi Sharma met 28-year- old Subhendhu Saha a small-time trader in Chhattisgarh’s Bilaspur, via Facebook app around seven months ago and they connected instantly. Since they could not talk on the phone like most long distance relationships because of their impairment, their love blossomed through messages on social media, video chats, and sign-language video conversations.

Being speech and hearing impaired technology had always helped tulsi speak her heart out. It comes as a coincidence that it also helped her find the person who later would go on to take away her heart.Them meeting was solely destiny trying to unite them as  Subhendhu resides 600 kms apart from her village while the farthest Tulsi ever traveled was to Kolkata.


“We never imagined our daughter would one day be married to a man from such a far-off land,” said Tulsi’s father Gurup-ada, to TOI after the marriage was solemnized in front of 250 guests. “We did not even know where Bilaspur was until she told us. She gave us his number in July, after which we got in touch with his family. They invited us to Bilaspur. We went there and since both boy and girl were ready for marriage, we decided on the dates and returned.”

Subhendu’s family has roots in Bengal, but they settled in Bilaspur several decades ago, where they run a grocery store. Father Subhash said they considered it “God’s will” that the two decided to tie the knot. “Since she is also speech-and-hearing impaired, they will share great empathy,” he added.

God indeed works in mysterious ways.In this age, when social media is often cited a huge cause for concern, it has united two souls. Here’s wishing the couple a happy married life.

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