In the age of fake WhatsApp forwards and news when we are already fighting against the misinformation and hoaxes, it seems like Punjab State Aids Control Society has decided to do its bit towards spreading misinformation.

In India HIV positive and AIDS patients already suffer the social isolation and discrimination due to a number of existing myths about the disease in our society. In an effort to debunk these myths and spread awareness among the people Punjab state-funded AIDS awareness campaign decided to issue the pamphlets regarding the disease.

AIDS Patient/ source

However, the points that have been mentioned in it just show the amount of homework done towards the campaign.
An India today report listed down the points which have been mentioned in the pamphlet and these look full of fake information

Here are some points from the pamphlet

1. It can be transmitted by shaking hands with an infected person.
2. Using utensils used by an AIDS infected person too can cause the disease.
3. Devices like mobile phones, computers used by an infected person too can spread the disease.
4. Using toilets used by an infected person can infect you with AIDS.

These myths have already been debunked by scholars in the past few decades.With this false information, instead of promoting awareness about the disease and instilling sensitivity among people towards those suffering from the condition, the PSACS will only increase their sufferings and exclusion from the society.

We hope that the pamphlet is corrected soon and instead of copying from Whatsapp forwards and pasting it in awareness section, authorities will do their homework and come up with scientific facts.

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