Booked under section 269 of IPC which mentions – negligent act likely to spread infection of disease deadly to life and 308 of IPC which refers to culpable homicide,  Rajendra Yadav was the prime accused of infecting 58 people with the same syringe of HIV in UP’s Bangarmau Area of Unnao District.

HIV is a disease which spreads through an infected person’s body fluids, such as blood, semen, pre-seminal fluids, and breast milk. In India, specifically, it spreads primarily through unsafe sex and sharing needles to inject drugs, in this case, the latter took place on a major side.


Yadav was an unlicensed fake doctor famous for free medicines and checkups for 10 Rupees. He eventually confessed that he used to put the same syringe but was unaware of the reason why people got the infection. Later, the fast spread of infection also gives an account of more than one factors which is considering a fair-good level of migration in the district and not just the ‘same-syringe theory’.

“We have not found any medical equipment upon him or in the house, he was found near Shivbaksh Khera village,” said station house officer (SHO) Amit Kumar Singh at whose place Yadav was hiding before the arrest.

The first time these cases came to light was in July 2017 when 12 people got infected, then in November of the same year 13 more people were found infected and in a camp organised on January 24, 25 and 27, 38 more people tested positive for the infection.

In particular, two of the 58 positive cases — young migrant labourers between the ages of 15-24 years – have admitted they paid for sex without protection when they were out for work.


An FIR against Yadav was lodged by a doctor at the Bangarmau community health centre on January 31. The complainant in the case, Bangarmau CHC in-charge Dr. Dohrey said the health department had learned that this man was using a single syringe to treat people because of which they got infected. The FIR was lodged on the instructions of the chief medical officer who got the complaints inquired through a committee, he said.

Accordingly, there could be a number of reasons to go about this case, however, the investigation is continuing and we really hope something better comes up in the investigation in regard to the reasonable justification and reasons for the occurrence.


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