6 people were thrashed by locals in Delhi when they tried to pull a Special 26 only to be caught by the family members.On Sunday, 6 men posing as income tax officials knocked on the door of South Delhi businessman’s house.The vehicle through which they arrived also had a Haryana Govt sticker.

As soon as they entered the house they locked up all the windows and took away the mobile phones of the family members.They also warned the family that they are from IT team and were there to investigate a tax evasion of Rs 20 crore by the family.

The men also showed the fake id card along with a document in which it was mentioned that IT department had sent them to conduct raids as they had info about illegal 20 crore cash hoarded by the family.

“Then they began to search the house. They checked each and every drawer including the kitchen’s cupboard. All the boxes, be it ornament boxes or any other, everything was scanned thoroughly. They swiped away Rs 20 lakh cash that was kept in the house,” the complainant Ramesh told police.

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After half an hour of fanatic search, the family sensed a foul play.The language and the physical gestures used by the gang made the family suspicious after which they raised an alarm.

A crowd of around 150 locals soon gathered outside the businessman’s house and the fake I-T sleuths were nabbed, thrashed, interrogated, made to apologise and later handed over to the police.CCTV footage recovered from the colony showed one of their associates in a Honda City car waiting outside the house.

Eyewitness Sanjeev Rao, also RWA president, who was recently appointed a police mitra (civilians appointed to help the police) told Hindustan Times, “I live next to their house. As I was stepping out, Chand’s daughter told me about some men whom they suspected were posing as I-T officials. I entered the house and saw those men. I asked them for their identity cards and they flashed a laminated identity card, which seemed fake,” said Rao.

Rao called I-T department to check if they were involved in any such raid. Rao said no I-T department officer confirmed the raid.

The accused have been identified as Mitesh Kumar, who claimed himself as Assistant Commissioner of Income Tax, Naunhyal, Yogesh Kumar, Govind Sharma and Amit Aggarwal posed as income tax officials while Parvinder claimed himself to be the driver.
However, one Kailash managed to flee in his Honda City car, and the hunt is on to nab him.
Reportedly their id cards also had typos in it.

A case under the sections 170/365/451/468/471/384/323/34 of the Indian Penal Code has been registered at Malviya Nagar Police Atation.Police said they are probing the role the role of an insider or a distant relative who may have told the men about the cash in the house.Police also confirmed that further investiations are underway

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