Adding to the long list of fake and propaganda “news” that surface daily on social media and also get shared by users without any attempt to verify it from a reliable source, the latest is of former RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan being appointed as the Governor of the Bank of England. The fake “news” has gone viral on social media with people also terming as “loss to India”. The caption which is being shared with the image says, “Congratulating Mr. Raghuram Rajan, elected as Governor for Bank of England. And, as usual, whatever we Indians have with us, the value of those things is recognized by foreigners and they take it away.

The hoax which was shared by an FB user Satprakash Sharma has now gone viral and has garnered over 7700 shares and 1500 likes already.

The fake news was also covered by a website Siasat Daily, the site has now deleted the article without any explanation, Even Congress MP Shashi Tharoor has shared it on his Twitter handle and the tweet can still be seen on his wall.

It looks like the reason behind the hoax is the articles published by and Financial times which claim Dr. Rajan to be one of the best and top contenders for the post of the Governor of the Bank of England for 2019.

The post of Governor of the Bank of England is still held by Mark Carney and as per fact-checking website Boom Live even Dr Rajan has denied the news of his appointment saying,“I am very happy with my current job and have not searched for, nor been offered, any other”.

It seems that in their enthusiasm to share news which reflects their expectations or point of view, people often choose to ignore a fact check to verify its authenticity. Even though Shashi Tharoor has accepted his mistake he has not deleted the tweet yet, which once again sets a bad example for an influencer.

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