NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court on Friday granted compensation of Rs 50 lakh to acquitted scientist Nambi Narayanan for being falsely implicated as a spy in 1994.
The committee set up by SC was headed by the retired judge, D K Jain who inquired into the role of former Kerala ADGP Siby Mathews, senior police officers K.K. Joshwa, the then deputy SP (CID), and S. Vijayan, then inspector (special branch) in falsely accusing Narayanan.
According to a report by TOI, the apex court said, “Arrest of ISRO scientist Nambi Narayan was needless and unnecessary.”

24 years back, Narayanan headed the Indian Space Research Organisation’s (ISRO) cryogenics department and was framed under the Official Secrets Act and accused of selling sensitive technology to enemy countries.
In 1996, after The Central Bureau of Investigation submitted a report to the Kerala government in 1996 calling the charges false, the apex court dismissed all charges against Narayanan in 1998.

The scandal not only halted the careers of two brilliant scientists — Narayanan and D Sasi Kumar but also set behind by years, the progress made in the cryogenic engine development programme, which was meant to power the heavy lift Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle (GSLV) for deploying heavy communication satellites.

Even after the charges against him were dismissed, his public image had suffered enough damage to be restored so easily.
Narayanan further went to the Kerala High Court, National Human Rights Commission following which in 2001 the NHRC had ordered the government to pay compensation of Rs10 lakh to be paid to him.


He also wanted an action against the officers who allegedly tortured him for a forcible confession in his 50 days of jail. However in 2011, according to the reports, the Kerala Government shut all cases against the officials arguing that they had all retired a decade ago and it would not be “proper or legal” to take action against them, and Narayanan had to approach the Supreme Court again.

Now that Narayanan takes a sigh of relief, the Government and the authority should realise that while he was losing the battle to keep up his reputation, they did lose one of their prime and finest scientists.

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