We all know about the ghastly incident that happened in Kathua last year. Call it abduction, rape, murder, or all of them. The incident happened in Rasana village near Kathua in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir in January 2018. While the family is still trying to cope up with the horror their child went through, they’ve been socially boycotted by the families of the village, and not to mention that they have been duped of over ten lakh of money they received through donations.


The father of the 12-year-old mentioned that the money has been taken away from his account in the period of three months and as they’re illiterate, they still resort to thumbprints for their transactions.
Speaking to India Today, he said, “Someone has withdrawn more than Rs 10 lakh from our joint account. We have no information about it. The statement shows consistent withdrawal and we are only left with Rs 35,000 in the account. We were told over Rs 1 crore had been donated from all over the world, but don’t know where it went.”

In April last year, the couple’s account was credited with Rs 18,46,774 via a crowdfunding campaign by Ketto Online Ventures, which rose to Rs 19,23,774 with more donation coming in. It was by the end of December that they had over Rs 21 lakh with some additional credits in their bank account. However, the father of the victim said that transactions started happening suddenly and he has lost over a sum of 10 lakhs from his joint account.


The trial for the Kathua murder and rape case began in Jammu and Kashmir on 16 April 2018 before the Principal Sessions Court judge, Kathua and later on the case shifted from Jammu and Kashmir to Pathankot by the Supreme Court of India on 7 May 2018 for further proceedings. On 14 November 2018, the family of the rape victim decided to drop their lawyer Deepika Rajawat because of security concerns and her lack of interest in their daughter’s case. Apparently, over 100 hearings had taken place, but Deepika Rajawat was only present twice.

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