Imagine being framed for a crime you didn’t commit. Imagine the whole country demanding a death sentence for you. Imagine news channels running graphics with “the killer”, “evil” labeled against your picture.Imagine all the lawyers refusing to take your case even when you know you haven’t done anything. This is what happened to the bus conductor Ashok in the Pradyuman murder case. His only crime was that he was poor, and thus it was easy for us, the elite class people, to believe that he must have committed that ghastly crime.


We can’t even the imagine the amount of torture he must have gone through that he confessed to a crime of sexually assaulting and murdering a kid, which he hadn’t.The whole police department patted their back after claiming that they have ‘solved’ the murder case, and the TRP hungry media started running tickers and graphics on how they recreated the crime and reached the same conclusion.

However, now that the truth is out and police have been left red-faced, we must appreciate the man who despite being emotionally drained stood for the bus conductor. The man was none other than Barun Thakur, father of Pradyuman.Barun had insisted on a CBI inquiry even after the bus conductor was arrested.

Even after going through so much Ashok’s mother is thankful to Barun for continuing with his fight.”Barun Thakur lost his son (Pradhyumn), but he saved my son. I will remain indebted to that family for their stand,” Kela Devi told TOI on Friday. In an interview she told to TOI,” he has struggled throughout his life to take care of his family. His only dream is to build a small house, and provide his children with a good education“.


Ashok has two sons aged 5 and 8, both are happy after knowing that their father would get bail soon and return home.”Every day he used to return home at 5 pm without fail to spend time with us. As soon as he returned home, he used to lift me up and take me to the nearby shop to get candies,” said his younger son.

Ashok is still in jail and when his wife says whenever she goes to meet him he starts crying and with folded hands says he is innocent.Kumar used to earn a monthly salary of just Rs 11k in total. His wife says since his arrest on September 8, the family had been struggling to meet their ends. “I have no money to buy even winter uniform for my children. We depend on other villagers for food. Who will compensate for this?”

Kumar has not got his salary after August. “Due to his absence, we have not been able to withdraw cash from his bank account. I have been facing a lot of problems since his arrest. If he fails to get bail on November 16, I do not know how we will manage,” Mamta said to TOI.

We can’t imagine the amount of trauma the family must have gone through since last two months. Imagine one of your family member getting arrested for a crime that he has not committed.You will want to scream and tell the world that he is innocent but who cares?

The nation wanted his blood, everyone demanded a death penalty for him.Now that he has got a clean chit, who will compensate for his loss? Doesn’t he deserve an apology from this nation and the system? We hope strict action is taken against the officials who were involved in planting the evidence and framing the poor man.


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