Sachin Mitkari, a 38 YO man from Parbhani district of Maharashtra was found hanging from the ceiling of his residence located at Parbhani-Vasmat road on Sunday. His dead body was recovered by police after neighbors alerted them.

As per media reports, Sachin worked in a hospital of Parbhani, which is 500 kms from Mumbai and one of his lady colleagues was allegedly after him. As found in Sachin’s suicide note, the woman used to demand sex from him despite knowing that the deceased man was married. Pushing the limits further, she blackmailed him saying she’d file criminal case against Sachin lest he complies with her.


The police have already filed a case against the accused woman for abetment to suicide and further investigations are being carried out. This case, however, forces the society to swallow the bitter pill that men too, can be sexually harassed contrary to existing social prejudices.

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Men have come up with their harassment stories on social media and unfortunately, we’re turning thick skinned towards their sufferings. The trolling they’re facing for their confessions is making it harder for male survivors to open up. The much-biased society that has tagged women as ‘abla’ probably since the stone age, needs to stop feeding its sons ‘ladke nahi rote’.

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