Press and Media are known as the fourth pillar of the democracy. Democracy on which we Indians are very proud of and we should be as we are the largest democracy in the whole world. But what happened yesterday evening in Bengaluru was a cold blooded murder of freedom of the press by the assailants.

Source : ANI

Famous journalist and activist Gauri Lankesh was shot dead at her residence in Raja Rajeshwari Nagar in the Bengaluru city on Tuesday night. Unidentified miscreant shot her dead at her residence. She was found in the pool of blood with multiple gunshots.


The incident occurred when she returned from her office in the evening and after parking her car outside her house she was about to open the door when three unidentified assailants shot seven rounds of bullets from close range. While three bullets hit her, fourth hit the wall of her house. She died on the spot.

Gauri Lankesh was a progressive thinker, activist, columnist, and writer. She was known for her outspokenness and was said to be under threat from those who had ideological differences with her. Gauri Lankesh was critical of right-wing outfits and was last year convicted in a defamation case filed by BJP MP Prahlad Joshi who had objected to a report against BJP leaders. It is also believed that she was probing a corruption case against the Congress government in the state.


State police have formed a special investigation team to nab the murderers and bring them to justice. Police have already obtained footages from two CCTV cameras and assured that the culprits would be arrested soon. One of the CCTV cameras was installed at Gauri Lankesh’s house, where she was living alone.

Silencing the voices of reason and logic by murdering them is becoming common practice nowadays. We witnessed the same kind of brutal murder in case of Ram Rahim conviction, Vyapam scam, and many others where whistleblowers and reporters were hacked to death.

The Indian Feed strongly condemns this cowardly act and stands with Gauri’s family in this moment of despair. We also hope that murderers will be sent behind the bar very soon.

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