Love at the brothel, yes you read it correctly. The infamous GB Road, was the place where a 28-year-old man found love and soulmate of his life.GB Road is one of the largest red light districts in Delhi.It may sound like a movie script but the couple had to go through a lot to start their life afresh leaving their past behind.

source : jagran

It all started with a normal client-customer meeting in a small room of brothel at G.B road Delhi.But this meeting just did not end there.

The woman, a 27-year-old, who hails from Nepal had come to India looking for a job to eradicate the poverty in her life but ended up in the infamous GB Road.With all her shattered dreams she was living a miserable life at the brothel. And one day her luck took a turn and she met a 28-year-old guy, truck driver by profession, who had come there with a friend.They started loving each other in the next few months over their meeting at the brothel.

The man kept visiting the brothel for next two years without the brothel owner getting suspicious.In these two years, they decided to escape the brothel and start life afresh. Several attempts were made by the couple to get out of the hands of the brothel mafias but all were in vain.It was then the man approached DCW(Delhi Commission for Women) through an NGO.


A police team was formed after receiving the request which raided the area and rescued the girl.

We rescued the girl with the help of local police. The girl has expressed her desire to start her life fresh with the man. The couple has told us that the man’s family has agreed to the relationship and they will be getting married soon,” Hindustan Times quotes DCW official as saying.

Nothing can be more beautiful than the acceptance from the family in such unusual situation, The Indian Feed wishes the couple all the very best for their married life ahead and requests the concerned authority to take proper action against human traffickers who spoil the life of innocents.


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