George R. R. Martin, one of the best novelist of our generation. Let’s admit it, we all are obsessed with his fantasy writing. He has given us the perfect combination of love,hate,sex,drama,politics and violence with his novels. The way he narrates his imagination and do the plot twisting is truely magical.

Below are just a handful of quotes that will give you a glimpse of his brilliance and make you his fan.

Here are some more of his best lines :


  • “Let them see that their words can cut you, and you’ll never be free of the mockery. If they want to give you a name, take it, make it your own. Then they can’t hurt you with it anymore.”
  • “When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die. There is no middle ground.”
  • “’The common people pray for rain, healthy children, and a summer that never ends,’ Ser Jorah told her. ‘It is no matter to them if the high lords play their game of thrones, so long as they are left in peace.’ He gave a shrug. ‘They never are.’”
  • “If you would take a man’s life, you owe it to him to look into his eyes and hear his final words. And if you cannot bear to do that, then perhaps the man does not deserve to die.”
  • “Sorcery is the sauce fools spoon over failure to hide the flavor of their own incompetence.”
  • “Power resides where men believe it resides. No more and no less.”
  • “Everyone wants something, Alayne. And when you know what a man wants you know who he is, and how to move him.”
  • “Always keep your foes confused. If they are never certain who you are or what you want, they cannot know what you are like to do next. Sometimes the best way to baffle them is to make moves that have no purpose, or even seem to work against you.”
  • “One voice may speak you false, but in many, there is always truth to be found.”


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