If you have been a left-handed person chances are that you might have been bullied by other kids.You might also have tried to change your writing orientation at least once.This is because it becomes tough for a person to adapt to many basic stationary created mainly with a right-handed approach.

A similar incident was experienced by Shweta Singh when her daughter complained to her about not being able to use stationary

“Mummy, I am unable to sharpen my pencil, whereas all the other kids easily do that,” complained Shweta Singh’s 4-year-old daughter.


Then Shweta came to realize the gravity of the problem and researched for left-handed stationary online. All stationary she found was extremely overpriced.
This prompted her to write a letter to Hindustan Pencils Pvt. Ltd., one of India’s largest pencil manufacturers and owners of the Nataraj and Apsara brands.

The company not only read her letter but acknowledged her problem and sent five units of custom made sharpeners for her daughter.This gesture by the company touched Shweta deeply and she made a Facebook post thanking the company for the same.She also posted a picture of the letter she received in reply from Sanjay Tiwari, Group Marketing Manager in which he said that the company was also working on the regular production of these sharpeners.

Shweta wrote,


“I am a mother of a 4 and half-year-old daughter. She is a lovely and intelligent kid. She has left-hand writing skills.

I thought that being a lefty is not a big deal. But I was wrong. I saw my daughter struggle for every small thing in this right handed people dominant world.

I will share a small incident. Once she was very upset as she returned from school. I asked her for the reason. She replied ” Mummy I am unable to sharpen my pencil whereas all the other kids easily do that. ” I thought for the reason and realized that the sharpeners available in the market are manufactured for the right-handed people. It is very difficult for a 4-year-old left-handed skilled kid to use it.

I found stationeries for left hand writing skilled kids online however they were very expensive. A sharpener was costing around INR 700 to INR 1200.

I wrote about this problem to one of the leading manufacturers of stationeries Hindustan pencils Pvt Ltd( manufacturers of Natraj and apsara pencils). They were very helpful. I got a call from a person at a respectable position from the company. He tried to understand my concern and promised to help.

Within a week’s time, I received a sharpener specially designed for left-hand writing skills. They didn’t have that available as a normal product. They took efforts and designed the sharpener especially for my kid.

I am really thankful for the company. Lovely customer service.

Hindustan Pencils Pvt Ltd you Rock !!#apsarapencils”

We truly appreciate this much-needed gesture from the company and appreciate them for understanding the problem left-handed students face.

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