After Unnao rape case came into media coverage, the nation is burning with rage. Another horrific incidence has meanwhile happened that has not only added fuel to the fire but has also put the divine father-daughter relation to shame.

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The story begins in Sitapur. A 35 YO daughter who was married off 16 years ago but came back to stay with her parents two years post marriage. She is the victim or rather say, ‘gift’ this time.

The shameful incidence took place on 15th of April when the father who is in his late fifties took his daughter to a fair in Kamlapur. After reaching there he called his friend Maan Singh, a history-sheeter and both of them convinced the woman to accompany them to their friend Meraj’s house. Meraj is a quack and has no degree.

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On reaching his place all three of them took turns to rape the lone lady. She was confined there till she escaped on Monday evening, reached her house and told her mother everything. Then, both the ladies went to file a police complaint.

Meraj was arrested on Tuesday but the accused father and Maan are still absconding.

Adding an even more hateful twist to the story, the SHO Sanjeet Sonkar revealed that the father had been banished from the village after his incestuous sexual relationship with his daughter was unveiled.
“A panchayat was called and he was arrested. He got bail in February,” said cops. After this, the daughter and her 14 YO son were living separately.

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We’re unsure what more should be said in this context. Roads, public transports, schools, colleges, offices, hospitals, no place is secured for daughters. At a point of time, they sought protection even from their closest relatives. And when we thought there can’t be further stooping, we are getting to know that a daughter can be just another woman for her own father. What law is going to protect women when men don’t spare even their own daughters? And is she a thing to ‘gift’? What a ridiculous concept! Shall women ever be considered humans instead of sex objects? Well, probably we’ll have to wait for ‘forever’ to witness the golden day!

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