When it comes to discussing periods and menstruation we Indians always prefer to turn a blind eye to it. Periods are still a taboo in our society and a girl on her periods is considered as impure and is not allowed to enter religious places or kitchen.
Recently, some organisations have come forward with the concept of period leaves where female employees will be granted leaves if they are on period.

According to an IndiaToday report taking this period shaming to a new low, in Tamil Nadu’s Palayamkottai a 7th standard girl who was on her periods, was denied permission and shouted at when she asked her teacher to let her go to the washroom.

Feeling humiliated the 12-year-old girl later ended up committing suicide by jumping off the terrace of her neighbour’s house at around 3 am today.


Shocked by the incident her parents had no idea about what caused her to take the extreme step.Later, they recovered a letter in which she had mentioned about the incident.

She mentioned in the letter that in the class her friends had pointed out the menstrual blood strains that she had on her dress and the bench. Feeling embarrassed by the situation she asked her teacher for allowing her to go to the washroom, after which the teacher yelled at her and asked her to leave the room and inquired if she couldn’t even place her pad properly.

Later, the teacher also took her to the principal who also scolded her.

The girl writes in her letter, “I don’t know what to say. Until now you didn’t hear any complaint about me but why did the teacher complain about me like this?


We wonder when these people will understand the periods are a natural and biological process and not something for which a girl should be ashamed.

The parents along with other members took to protest against the school, however, the police dispersed them after promising suitable action.

We hope strict action is taken against the teacher and principal who period shamed the little girl.

[Update by TheNewsMinute : Her mother told that she had attained puberty 2 months back so she was unprepared for the situation.”The teacher did not even take into account that there were boys in the class. She asked my daughter to lift top of her salwar up and then gave her duster cloth to use as a pad”, She added.]

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