Andhra Pradesh: B Ramanamma, a resident of Kunchala Kuravayyapeta of Etcherla Mandal, was forced to get married by her parents due to their family conditions when she was just in class IX. She moved out of her village, shifted to a hostel and scored 10 GPA points in SSC which got her selected in IIIT.

The girl got to know a week before that her parents had already decided her fate and sought help from her class teacher who informed the Child Protection officials. Later the officials stopped the marriage and counselled her parents.

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However, despite the efforts of the officials the couple kept urging her to marry due to their unstable financial conditions even when the educated people in the village asked them to let their girl study. It was then that the Child Protection officials shifted the girl to a hostel in the summer.

“As I had no alternative, I lodged a complaint with Child Protection officials with the support of my teacher Chamundeswari,” Ramanamma told The New Indian Express.

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“The officials stopped the marriage. It is to stop my parents from pestering me that I focused on studies and tried my best to get good grades. As I got 10 GPA points, I was selected for IIIT,” she said, adding that she wants to become an electrical engineer.

We all face some difficulty or the other in our lives and it is what makes us stronger. We have to understand to use our energy somewhere which helps us grow and not destroy. It is important to make decisions, had she got emotional and agreed to marry, she wouldn’t have even known what she’s capable of. We all are talented in something or the other, we just have to find that spark in us. We have to understand what’s good for us, despite people telling us what they think is good because, at the end of the day whatever happens to us, we have to sort it ourselves, we will be the only one left with ourselves.

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