For some definite reasons we can tag such incidents as the consequences of movies, media and social-influence however, most importantly it is about the clear difference between being a pervert and being a gentleman.


On 16th February, a 22-year-old man in Madurai district’s Naduvakottai poured petrol on a 14-year-old girl for rejecting his proposal for marriage. He was ‘apparently’ in love with her and upon coaxing many times earlier, getting an appearance in court and complaint against – this man decided to take a revenge ( or worse) and set the girl on fire.

She was walking home from her school and he was passing by on his 2-wheeler, as she got a little closer, he poured petrol and set the fire, left his vehicle there and flew. Fortunately, her mother was passing by the same route in an auto-rickshaw and upon seeing her daughter caught in flames, she alarmed the people and luckily the driver snuff out the flames with a gunny sack and drove her in rush to the hospital.

Balamurugan the accused was later arrested by police from an uninhabited area near Achampatti on Saturday early morning and the girl was battling with 70% burns on her body and is in a critical condition.


Her parents mentioned that she told them earlier also that he was following her and approaching her for marriage and therefore they complained earlier also. On valentines day he again approached her, but upon rejection, he must have got furious and took this step which was not only inhumane but worse than that.


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