India today is been sexually assaulted and abused by some demons and what our nation is concentrating upon is the depiction of a queen who died years ago in a movie. If one percent of the agitators who protests under the cover of religion and community stood up for the freedom and justice of women in our nation, our country would have been free from the bondage of women security as no men would then hold the power to distort women’s respect.

On Saturday, in Deoria’s region of Uttar Pradesh, a class 12th student forced herself to death after being sexually assaulted by the son of her school principal. The incident came under the notice of police authorities after the grandmother lodged the complaint against the school principal as identified as Pappu Yadav and his 19-year-old son, Pradeep Yadav as reported by Times Now. Finding her alone in the principal’s cabin, the accused sexually harassed her and also threatened her to keep mum after the incident. But a resident saw the shameful act and informed to victim’s brother about the same.

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Agitated by anger, her brother thrashed the suspect entering the school and in counter, the suspect with his bunch of friends barged into the victim’s house and in return thrashed her brother. After the entire incident took place, 17 year old was traumatized deeply and locked her in a room and burnt her to death.

A case has been registered against the six people including the school principal, confirmed the station house officer of Gauri Bazaar police station.

“Four people have been detained for questioning and a hunt is on to arrest six people, who are on the run. The prime accused is the son of the principal of a private school,” Anil Kumar said as reported by Hindustan Times.

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An evident uprising has been encountered in front of the police station as the incident has aroused the public sentiments. She is not an object, she is a living being and equally human to men. It may be an act of pleasure for men, but ruining somebody’s vanity can never be appreciated. Reaching up to a woman’s body without her permission in any manner is not acceptable and is not okay no matter what she wears, where she stands, what time it is or whom she is with.

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