According to the official statistics, one woman is molested every 26 minutes in India. Despite various laws against rape and assault, it seems like not much has changed on the ground level. The question still remains unanswered. Does an Indian woman feel safe when she goes out and returns to her home?

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But there are still some brave women out there who are still fighting against these heinous acts. Even if they are threatened, their voices go unheard, they do not lose their spirit. Mumbai resident Pooja S Kore is one of such women who gathered all her strength and put her real-life sexual harassment story on the social media.

According to her Facebook post, she was traveling to Panvel in a ladies compartment in Mumbai local. Three guys entered their compartment and stood near the door. The guys did not get down even the women forced them to do so.

Allegedly,when the train reached next station the guys came back and started abusing and openly threatening the women. Then she was told that she had to complain about the incident by herself at Wadala station.

Later Pooja wrote the whole incident on her FB status and requested Mumbai police for assistance telling them about what they are facing every day.

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Here is her actual story.

About yesterday, as usual I left from work to go home. I boarded the 07.05 train from GTB Nagar Station to Panvel. The compartment I was seated was a first class ladies.These three guys entered our compartment and stood at the door of the train. They had to get down at govandi. Anyone who travel in the locals of the harbor line very well knows that kurla is the most crowded station compared to the other stations.

As the crowd increased, the women in my compartment told these guys politely to get down at the next stop. But, they started misbehaving and told us to do whatever we can do, but they will not leave the ladies compartment. One of the ladies forced them to do so, but they did not seem to care.

As everyone started forcing them to get down, they did get down at Chembur. (let me tell you, this is not the first time we have to go through this, it seems like any random person can enter and misbehave with us)


The next stop was govandi. The guys came back to our compartment and started yelling. “Woh r**d kidhar gayi, bohot bol rahi thi na woh utar utar, usko dekhta hoon”. The train started moving and one of the guys pulled the other two down but till we could see them, they were yelling and abusing.

I had to get down at Vashi and so I decided I’ll go and complain about whatever happened. But I was told you yourself have to go Wadala and complaint about them there and then we’ll take an action. We can’t do anything about it.

Yes, sir, I get it you can’t do anything. It’s our problem. We have to learn to deal with it. We have to get used to this kind of behaviour. So what if this happened, yeh toh hota hi rehta hai. If anyone has any stories like this, tag @cpmumbaipolice (Twitter handle) and let him know what we have to face. I just hope you stop this. Atleast ghar toh shanti se jaane do humein.”

Truth to be told, our society is so hypocritical. We worship female goddesses and yet fail to protect women from these crimes and then blame them too.

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