Pakistan. Our neighbour nation who, in the recent past has earned a lot of bad Fame because of its suspicious alliance with terrorism. And of course, a nation where a girl (Malala Yousufzai) can be casually shot in public just because she stood for women rights and women education.


The more you suppress, the more they rebel. The more you shut their mouth, the deeper their pen cuts. We’ve to present before you one such Twitter thread of a Pakistani lady, who removed every veil from the face of society there. She openly talks how women are treated there even in the 21st century and how men still live in the stone age. And surely this is not the problem of a specific country, the problem also exists in our very own country India.

Let’s have a look at her tweets which certainly didn’t go well with many of her countrymen.

The rant continues, and not much is different than India

And sadly, proving her point she received a lot of hatred for “defaming her nation”

All thanks to all such platforms who allow everyone with a voice speak it aloud without any bars and where you find ears that listen, brains that understand and minds that console. She has also received a lot of support from others who have faced similar experiences.

Way to go, brave woman! We can’t agree more.

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