Engraving her own footsteps in the land of achievements, A 23  year old Divya Gour of Harda District – Madhya Pradesh will be making her family proud by performing Bike Stunts at the Republic Day Parade as a part of the first-ever BSF women’s troop.

Girl who didn’t even have the money to buy bicycle, to perform bike stunts at republic day parade

“When I decided to join the BSF, my parents were averse to the idea but two of my uncles serving in the Army persuaded them to support me,” she said to the sources


She has come from a background where she could not even buy a bicycle to go to school which was 3 kilometres away. Only after she got it under the State Scheme, she became fortunate enough to ride it. Divya of village Phudi always wanted to serve for the country and despite her adverse economic conditions, she made it to the BSF in 2014. She obtained preliminary education in Phuldi village, did B.Sc. and worked as a teacher in a private school of Rahatgaon. Then she appeared for her SSC examinations and made it to the BSF.

She was posted with 135 Ramgarh Battalion Rajasthan and has served on the borders for over a year.


She is a daughter of a farmer and firmly believes that this parade will encourage women empowerment and will women will inspire girls to stand for themselves and believe in themselves.
We wish her success and we believe that through such steps we will definitely grow with knowledge, boldness and equality.

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