Out of all the social evils the world is fighting with, one of the most shameful is the problem of hunger. Not only India, the condition is similar in our neighbor countries Bangladesh, Pakistan, Srilanka as well. Even today hunger is the number one cause of deaths in the World followed by AIDS and Cancer. In India, every day around 20 crore people sleep with an empty stomach. According to Bhookh.com, every day around 7000 people die of hunger in India.

Here is a heart-wrenching story shared by the famous Bangladeshi documentary photographer GMB Akash which shows the sad reality of the world and makes us realise how some people are not even lucky enough to have proper food every day.

Here is the story shared by Akash


“I attempted to die a few months ago. I wanted to go to my mother. I believe after death people go to a different world. Where there is no hunger or fever. So I decided by any means I had to go there. And I felt my mother was waiting to see me dearly, as I always complained to her when I could not get any food. If she had not died, I would have never suffered this much. She knew well I cannot tolerate hunger.

I can pass maximum two days without food, not more than that. And then I become a hungry dog, but dogs can eat rotten things, they can eat from dustbins, which I can’t. So I wanted to die. But dying was not easy, it was very fearful.

When I was lying in the rail line and waiting for the train something very strange happened with me. A stranger arrived and started screaming at me. He quickly picked me up and dust off my clothes. He asked me what had happened to me. I could not say anything to him. And when he scolded me I started to cry. I did not tell him that I was hungry.

I did not tell him that I was hungry. There was already a crowd and I was fearing that they will hand me to the police. But that man took me to a restaurant and fed me well. I ate a lot and he made me laugh. We talked about my village, my mother and station police. When he was leaving he told me that I am a very good boy. He told me that I will surely become something in my life and that will make my mother proud. Since then I never try to die again.”

– Raihan (12)

The least we can do every time we are having food is to make sure that we are not wasting it as there are a lot of people out there who need it.

Akash is not only capturing the stories of these people but also works for their betterment. You can follow Akash’s facebook page for more such real life stories here.

(The story has been published with the permission of the photographer)


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