She saw a female dog caressing her babies and the puppies cuddling on her belly to find some warmth on that winter night. Now, the hunger,cuts,cold and fever didn’t hurt her as much as her seeking for love did. She wept to sleep and woke up only to go and try her luck in the garbage again. With only a dog to share all her loneliness with, some unfortunate children are losing their delicacy and childhood to poverty. And this is what the child in them has to say to the world.

Here is a heartbreaking story shared by photojournalist Akash that shows the rough conditions in which a lot of children live in. This is the story of thousands of those children who at the age of getting love and toys are searching for their food in the dump yards.

source : GMB Akash

I have to work with a lot of attention. This is not easy to find usable stuff from garbage. Sometimes after whole day I found one thing to sell in the recycle shop. And in a good day I can find biscuits. Not ordinary biscuits, the one which has cream. That’s my favorite. Some days I find biscuits which tastes very sour but my dog like to have that, so I give him without eating those. And in a very bad day, I cut my feet. I think people do not know that children work in the garbage on bare foot. They throw away broken glasses which often scratch our feet. Sometimes it bleeds heavily. It hurts a lot. I and my dog have had many scars in our legs. That’s why now a days I am keeping clothes with me. If it bleeds I tie and continue to work.
– Jesmine (7)

In case this story breaks your heart and you feel like doing something for these kids just look around and you will find a lot of underprivileged kids, talk to them with love, buy them some chocolates or a dress. Also, please dispose broken glasses only after properly wrapping them with a lot of paper.

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