Every day we come across news talking about some really heinous crime and think nothing worse can happen, but, within hours pops up another even more disturbing crime report which makes us question the existence of humanity. Yesterday, we shared a story where a heartless man poured cold water on his pet dog and left her outside his home at -32’c to freeze and die. In her last moments, the dog was crying and pleading for help.

In recent times, a lot of stories has come to light from across India and world where humans blurred the line between them and animals and committed heinous crimes against the poor souls. However, here comes a heartwarming story which shows how you just need a big heart to take care of these lovely creatures, they don’t care about your financial status or materialistic life, all they need is love.


Here is the story shared by GMB Akash a photographer who captures heart-wrenching stories and also helps the subject of his stories

“I found ‘Munna’ 7 days ago near our slum. He had fallen inside a drain and was crying loudly but nobody was rescuing him. People were just looking at this poor puppy totally wet and completely dirty, but nobody would touch him because he was covered with clay. I saw he was shaking and was looking straight into my eyes in a way that he knew I would save him. I took him out from the gutter and brought him to our home and gave him the name “Munna; my elder brother’s name is ‘Munna’.


My elder brother has been missing for one year now. We looked for him everywhere but he disappeared and never showed up. My mother and I cried the whole day he disappeared and looked for him everywhere for many days.

I have never seen my father. My mother is working as a maid in some people’s house. When I brought ‘Munna’ home and gave him a shower, my mother got very angry. She told me that we cannot even take care of ourselves, let alone also care for this little puppy. I told my mother that when she goes to work in the early morning and comes back in the evening, I am alone the entire day. Now I would have my new brother ‘Munna’ to play with and when he grows up he will protect me from bad people just like my brother Munna always did. ~ Mim ”

Truly,”Money can buy you a fine dog, but only love can make him wag his tail!”.

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