Life is not fair to. But to whom it’s much unfair, even they don’t cease to live. They live a life where they answer the call of challenges every moment for a minimal survival. But look into their eyes once, you can find a hope for a better future. Even their heart beats for the love of their family. Even they dream at nights.

This is one such story where two lives are struggling to give the third one a tomorrow that could never be theirs. Shared by famous Bangladeshi photographer GMB Akash this heartbreaking story will stir your soul and tell you to value whatever you have already got

“My father died in a road accident 6 years ago which left us on the street. For several days we ate nothing. We had no money and no rice at our home. We could not pay the rent for our one room house. My mother then started working in this brick-breaking factory after only a few days of my father’s death. She was not even physically and mentally ready after losing my father. Her eyes were still wet for her loving husband. I saw her crying every night holding my younger brother.

We had nobody else. My father and mother had a love marriage so their families did not accept them. They came to Dhaka in order to survive and my father started riding a rickshaw. But after my father died, my mother alone could not earn enough money, even when she worked from early morning to evening. I saw how she suffered every evening with her body pain. I could not stand to see her struggle alone and I started working with my mother when I was only 6 years old.

My mother cried loudly holding me on her chest the first day I went to work beside her. She never wanted to take me with her to work there. My father always had a dream to send me and my younger brother to school.


I could hardly break 30 bricks a day and could only earn 30 taka on the first day. But now I can break up to 125 bricks and earn 125 taka per day. With my income, I am able to continue to pay for my younger brother Rana’s education. He is a very good student and this year he came second in his class.

For the last 6 months, I have been working extra hours to earn more money. Two days ago with this money, I bought a new bicycle for my brother, so he can go to his new class and tuition with the bicycle. Before that he used to walk a long distance and he got tired. My brother said when he grows up, he will get a job and he will never let me work here anymore. _Rotna and her mother Rina Akter”


They are ones hiding ugliest scars behind brightest smiles. Their voices don’t break each time they narrate the story, for life, has already broken them enough. Tears are eager to express their pain.

Let’s pray for them to get a life they want and certainly deserve. And next time we see someone so, let’s greet them with a smile, at least.

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