Few days back, The Indian Feed had shared with its readers the heart-breaking story of a 10 YO kid named Dulal, originally covered by Bangladeshi photojournalist GMB Akash, who found the kid carrying the luggage of passengers on railway station after his own mother died of cancer and he left home tired of step-mother’s tortures and father’s indifference.

Yes, this is the same kid who was slapped by some random passenger. We had received lots of queries regarding him from our enthusiastic followers and hence, are sharing hereby his whereabouts as updated by humanitarian photojournalist, GBM Akash.

As people accused him of being insensitive, in the post-Akash has also explained how it’s not possible to just help anyone by bringing them home as it involves a lot of legal procedures. Here’s the post :

Do you remember Dulal? This tearful 10-year-old who has been trying to survive by carrying luggage for people at the train station after his loving mother died of cancer. His father’s second wife beat him daily and tortured him with boiling water while his father did nothing to protect him. He had no choice but to leave the only home he knew since birth.

I spent several days searching again for Dulal. Usually, street kids don’t stay in one place long and they certainly don’t have any “contact information”.

I eventually found him on a train roof coming back from another train station.

When I met him, he was very hungry because he did not earn any money at the other station. I took him to lunch. His clothes were torn and filthy. After lunch, I bought him new clothes, shoes, and a winter jacket. Then I took him to a barber shop and had his overgrown haircut. After that, I took him to a private bathing place for a shower as he had not taken a shower in many days! He was looking so happy and so different after I spent the day trying to provide some hope and comfort to him. Earlier when I first met him, I had confronted the man who slapped him at the train station and convinced the man to apologize to Dulal who in turn, was able to regain some dignity.

Dulal told me that he stayed in a shelter once and that it was a very bad experience for him! He never wants to go to any place like that again. He does not want someone to take him home with them. He wants to stay with his friends! He said, “I am always afraid of unknown people.”

I will keep in touch with him and will be striving to find a way that would help Dulal further in the near future.

I would like to thank everyone of you who showed love for Dulal. I have received lot of private messages from people who expressed compassion for this courageous and suffering child.

For those of you who are new to my Facebook page or who do not understand the nature of my work and my mission, I would like to share a few important pieces of information here today.

As a humanitarian photojournalist, it is my duty to share the photos and stories about what is happening around us. I do this in the spirit of eventually making some real concrete changes in our world and communicating to you the need for all people to be more generous and compassionate in their lives.

source : GMB Akash

Therefore, I was somewhat shocked to read some very rude messages from many of you who criticized me for not bringing Dulal to my home with me after I took some photos of him in order to share his story. I personally try to help as many unprivileged people as possible. In fact, it is my life mission. But no one person can help everyone. If each of you could help just one person, imagine how many people would be so much better off than if you just send a complaint to someone else for them to do it. I am very fortunate in my life that many people including some of my Facebook followers want to collaborate with me on many humanitarian projects and my educational work and I appreciate those selfless people very much.

You must try to understand that it is impossible to find many of these poor souls again who are lost in the millions of suffering people in Bangladesh, the most populous country in the world. None of these severely unfortunate and anguished children have phone numbers.

You may not be aware of the extreme complexity of these types of situations and how one can or cannot involve themselves in providing some sort of aid. For example, when I took Dulal to lunch I gave him some money. But you cannot give too much money to help these individuals as, in fact, it can create more problems for them. It can put them in danger because of that money and they also have no place to keep money safe.

There are lot of complex situations in these cases. You just can’t take a street kid home with you. You need to do a lot of paperwork and get permission from government authorities for that, otherwise, in Bangladesh, you will be arrested. You also need permission from his parents. Dulal’s father lives 300 km from Dhaka. You just can’t just adopt them with your words; there are a lot of police procedures for that. Some people who tried to help those kids were put in jail for months. Some of these kids are also involved with illegal activities so this can be a danger for you. You have to think about all of those things when you start to get involved.

If you really want to adopt Dulal, then please send me private messages with all of your details. After that, I will share his location. You can help him directly. I will help you every possible way!

If you are a regular follower of this Facebook page, you would know that because of my life mission, I have personally and individually helped more than 65 families setting up businesses in order for them to become self-sufficient. I built and organized the operations of a school for poor rural children outside of Dhaka. I regularly help more than 500 working children with education and moral support.

I work alone, and I manage my social network myself. Whatever I am doing, I am giving my time and my life to open’s people’s eyes. I love my country and I want to share the things that need to be corrected as well as the heart-warming stories that need to be appreciated!

I hope that by reading this, you will have a better idea of what you, yourselves could be doing. If you really want to help, please help everyone you know. There are a lot of needy people around us everywhere and especially in countries like Bangladesh that are still growing. You don’t always need to help only a particular person. Please help anybody who is in need!

I ask you to keep me in your prayers, so I can bring more untold stories to you and continue to do what I can to improve the world around me. Thank you for sharing my journey. Without your love and support, nothing is possible. Together we can make a huge difference. I am always grateful for all your kind words and encouragement!

Love and Light
GMB Akash”

To do good needs a lot and to criticize, none. We are glad to see Akash clear the air of accusations an hate remarks made at him. We congratulate him on his entire efforts and determinations. But sad to know of people who do nothing but judge the doers like pros. People, don’t criticize, if at all you can’t support.

We wish Dulal a better future and much success for Akash in his life’s only mission- ‘helping others’. You can follow Akash’s work here and instead of criticizing people for doing whatever they can we feel the world would be a better place if we start helping such ‘Dulals’ around us.

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