GOA: A video on the internet uploaded by Hasiba Amin has gone viral and is gaining applauds. The video shows a student, a girl named Asma Shaikh, standing up to the man who allegedly sexually harassed, flashed her and inappropriately touched her on a bus.

After the incident happened, and Asma decided to speak about it, the accused claimed that it was a “mistake” and offered to give her a written apology. The conductor also called the cops, but Asma refused to let the man go fearing he would do the same to other girls. She knew the consequences of setting that man free. She said that what he did to her what just a beginning, he might go and rape someone else if left.

Standing up for yourself is one thing that everyone should do. If Asma would have stayed shut, the man would have not gone through the shame when she disclosed what he did. Still, he was adamant that it was a mistake. But was it so? Just like Asma said, every man has a zipper, nobodies get unzipped just like that and it ain’t a mistake.

The girl is getting applauds on the social media for standing up and confronting the man. For every woman out there, if you have gone through any sort of harassment, speak up. You can encourage others to share their story, you can empower them, you can save lives. #MeToo has come up again if it has happened to you and they are still free, they need to be punished. This is the start, share your story.

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