Adding to the long list of crimes against women the latest shocker is from the popular beach and lifestyle destination of India, Goa. In the past also many tourists have been gang-raped in the beach city which raises questions about the safety measures taken by the government. Even though cops can be easily seen near the Goa beaches, looks like even this is not enough to raise fear in the minds of the criminals.


On Thursday, a 20-year-old local girl who was along with her boyfriend was gang-raped by 3 men at around 11 pm on Sernabtim beach of South Goa. As per the media report, the couple had rented a scooter for going to the beach, in the evening they parked the scooter at the entrance of the beach and walked to the seashore.

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While they were at the beach, at around at night three youngsters, with their faces covered came to the beach, walking towards them. They approached the couple at around 9.30 pm and asked for the money after which the boy gave them Rs 200 and departed. But, the criminals were not satisfied with this and started assaulting the boy and molesting the survivor. The three then overpowered the boy and raped his girlfriend in front of him. The victim had also claimed that the sexual assault was filmed by the alleged rapists and she was warned by them against informing the police.


Police have said the medical examination of the victim has confirmed rape.

On Saturday, the three accused who were tourists from Indore were arrested by the Goa Police, and were charged with Robbery and Gang rape.“All three accused have been arrested. Two accused Sanjiv Dhananjay Pal, 23, and Ram Santosh Bhariya, 19, both from Indore were arrested early on Saturday morning. The third accused Vishwas Makrana, 24, also from Indore was picked up from a railway station in South Goa later today,” superintendent of police (South Goa) Arvind Gawas said to the media.

Source: Navhind times

In a controversial statement given a few months back the town and planning minister, Vijay Sardesai had said that a majority of Indian tourists coming to Goa were “scum on earth” and that Goa should focus on quality tourists instead.

Once again he stressed on the same statement in his latest tweet.

While we appreciate the swift action taken by cops we hope the ministers and administration care more about the safety of the tourists instead of their class,’quality’ or origin. A holiday destination which is so sought after by the domestic and international tourists should be safe for them.

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