What meets the eyes is not always true and there can be a different perception or motive behind it. Something similar of this sort happened when President Ram Nath Kovind was present at a ceremony at Gauhati University on November 20. President Kovind was the honorary guest at the civic reception organized by Gauhati University in association with Government of Assam.

As the President was about to finish his speech, a man from the audience rushed towards him leading to a security scare and chaos amongst the President’s security Personnel and the Assam Police present during the event.


Perceiving him as a possible security threat, the man Krishna Kamal Das was immediately surrounded by President’s security team and Assam police personnel present at the event.The man who is a lecturer in a private college in Guwahati was forcibly taken out of the hall.


However, later it was found out that the man was just a good Samaritan who was trying to get his letter delivered to the president. The man had a letter in his hand which was later checked by one of the security officers and then forwarded to President’s secretary Sanjay Kothari.

The man’s letter contained nothing else but a desperate plea for help for a child whom he didn’t even know.The letter was a request to save the six-year-old child Satvik Agarwal, who has been battling for life in a private hospital in Guwahati after he was run over by a school bus on November 15.

On November 15, the boy was returning from school on a two-wheeler with his mom,
when a DPS Guwahati school bus hit him.The boy is in a critical condition now and has undergone several major surgeries.His parents are struggling with the financial problems and are looking for help.


When the professor came across the news on social media, he thought to bring this to the notice of the president and somehow managed to get an invite to the event. Later, his letter was forwarded to the president and after reading it the first citizen requested the Assam State Government officials to offer every help that the family needed. Das was then also assisted by Additional DGP of Assam Police, Harmit Singh, to Raj Bhavan to meet with the president.

The professor was assured by President’s secretary that he would visit the child
and the family on the same day. At around 10 pm, Kothari and some senior Assam government official reached the hospital and assured Agarwal’s parents all kinds of assistance.

We wonder how much goodness you need to perform such noble acts.The professor had no relation with the kid, and like many others, he could have passed off the social media request or could have reacted with a sad smiley and moved on. But, he chose to take the fight to the president even by putting his security at risk. The president’s gesture to the event is also worth applauding! We hope Satwik recovers soon from the critical condition!

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