More disturbing details have emerged from the Gurugram Gangrape case, where a woman was gang-raped by 3 men when she took a lift in the auto in which the trio was already present.The culprits had also thrown the 8 months old baby girl on the concrete road leading to her death due to head injuries.The incident had happened on May 29 but the on Monday the woman filed the gang rape case against the men.The police also told that she was in a state of shock due to the death of her baby and didn’t reveal initially that she was raped.

Today the Gurgaon Police has released sketches of the three accused in the case and has appealed to the public to come forward with any information if they have.


Yesterday, we had published a story with the initial details but the reality is much more saddening.(Initial details here)

According to a TOI report, the 19-year-old woman had a fight with her neighbors earlier that day after which she decided to leave for her parents’ place in Khandsa village at midnight on May 29 since her husband was away for work.

The woman then got a lift from a truck driver from the village near IMT Manesar where they belong. But as the driver was drunk she decided to get off at Kherki Daula toll plaza.

She then took an auto which was going to Gurugram.Three men including the driver were already present in it.Suddenly, the auto took a U-turn on the highway, before Kherki Daula toll Plaza.

The two men in the backseat started making sexual advances at her after which she started screaming.Listening to the noise the baby started crying which irritated the duo.”Some distance after taking the U-turn, the driver stopped the auto and said to one of the other men, ‘Hari, khaana la’ (Hari, bring food),” says the FIR, quoting the woman.


The driver then reached IMT sector 8 after which they dragged the woman out of the auto to a vacant plot.The men then took turns to rape her while one person holding the baby each time.As soon as they were ready to leave one of them threw the crying baby on the road.”I became numb from that point. All I remember is seeing my child’s head hitting the road divider,” the FIR says, quoting the victim.

With the motionless baby in her arm, she reached a factory, Pencil Electro Ltd where a guard assisted him and asked her to wait till dawn.In the morning the guard helped her in getting an auto to Khandsa Road where her in-laws lived.

According to PTI report, the woman took the baby to multiple hospitals as she was shocked by the fact that the doctors declared her baby dead.The woman then traveled with her dead child in the metro.

“Her husband and Gurgaon police received the victim from M G Road Metro station after she returned from the hospital in Delhi. Following that, police conducted a post-mortem of the infant,” Gurgaon Police Commissioner Sandeep Khirwar said to PTI.

It has been alleged that as the victim belongs to a poor family, the police tried to suppress her statement as the police included the gangrape details in the FIR five days after the incident.

The police have formed a SIT to nab the three men and has taken the woman to all possible location to identify the crime scene.The police have also questioned over 50 auto drivers driving in the IMT, Manesar area regarding the case.

According to the latest update, one accused has been nabbed

The incident is shocking and disgusting to the core, we hope that the rapists are caught soon and the justice is served to the victim.

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