With every passing day it seems that the human race is reaching a new level of disgust and disappointment. Never passes a day without the news of rape and crime flooding our timelines and making us hang our head in shame with the level and nature of the crime.

According to a news report, a 23 year old woman was allegedly gang-raped while her 8 months old baby girl was snatched from her arm and thrown off the auto leading to her death by head injuries.

The incident took place on 29th May at Gurugram and came to light on Monday after the woman filed gang-rape charges against the rapists.

The 23-year-old woman, a resident of a village near IMT Manesar, said that she had a fight with her husband earlier that day after which she decided to leave for her parents’ place in Khandsa village at midnight on May 29, during which the incident took place.

Police told that the woman had first taken a lift in a truck from the village near IMT Manesar where they belongs. But she decided to get off at Kherki Daula toll plaza, alleging the driver was drunk and had molested her. But what followed was even more horrible.

The woman told the police that as soon as she stepped into the vehicle, the three men who were already present started molesting her. She resisted and screamed after which the baby started crying . The rapists then snatched the baby from her and threw her out on the road. The baby died due to head injuries.“My daughter was in my lap and she started crying. They snatched her away and threw her on the road saying she was spoiling their fun. The trio then gang-raped me and dumped me,” the victim told the police.


“A case of murder and sexual assault has been registered. We are investigating the matter as woman has provided as she was giving contrasting statements alleging gang-rape has refused to undergo medical examination,” an investigating official told The Tribune.

One of her relatives told The Tribune, She was in a state of shock over her daughter’s death and she did not tell the police about the rape at that time. She could not muster courage for a medical test as she had to cremate her child. She has been in shock for the last many days”.

Growing number of rape cases is really a matter of concern for all of us , we hope the culprits are nabbed soon and proper justice is served to the victim.

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