Haryana: A 2-day old baby died in Sonipat in an ambulance on its way to Pt. BD Sharma PGIMS, Rohtak, from the Sonipat district hospital due to a massive traffic jam caused by the cycle rally of state Congress chief Ashok Tanwar.

The baby was in the former hospital and after its condition deteriorated was advised to be taken to PGIMS in Rohtak for better medical facilities.

The infant was taken by the hospital staff and because of the 30-minute traffic, its condition got critical and died midway.PGIMS, Rohtak, doctors declared the child brought dead, following which the mother of the child went to coma.

The Congress workers led by Ashok on Wednesday had blocked the movement of traffic of roads in Sonipat for their rally on ‘Haryana Bachao Pariwartan Lao.’

Speaking to The Financial Express, the ambulance staff said that they raised an alarm several times but nobody was ready to clear the road in order for them to move further.

Saying it was wrong to blame him for the incident, the Congress leader defended himself, “The kid was already admitted to a hospital, it is wrong to link the incident this way (cycle rally). I learned about the incident today only. Roads are not good and construction works are going on, so there could be a possibility of the crowd on roads but I have directed my staff to clear the road. Two days ago, around 10 vehicles collided, my staff rushed to the rescue of victims. All were coming for this rally… the party will help the family of the kid,” he told TFE. An FIR has been registered in the case under Section 304A and 177 (Motor Vehicles Act) in a police station in Kundli and a SIT will investigate the case.

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With protests that only help the politicians gather votes, and the public following their leaders blindly, an incident like this will always get overlooked with no one to put the blame on. A newborn baby died because of a rally and the crowd that wasn’t ready to move, it really shows how much the public care about each other and the so-called leaders about the public and their welfare.

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