Haryana still bearing the label of state with the lowest sex ratio added more to the disappointment when a 10 grade Dalit girl was found murdered and raped in the BudhaKhera village of Jind District. The family learned of her death on Saturday afternoon. The father was at the police station when a relative called and said TV was flashing news about a girl’s body, he said to The IndianExpress. 


The girl was missing since the evening of January 9 and in that regard, a complaint was also filed. It is assumed that more than 2 criminals were involved as the brutality level was intense and one could not sexually assault her when she was alive.  One criminal who was suspected was a 12th grade student who went to the same tuitions. The boy was also missing since the same day and was later found dead in Kurushetra.

Police suspected the boy, a Dalit and believed to be a minor, as the main culprit. The girl’s mother said she wouldn’t draw a conclusion in haste though she, too, suspected him.

Though the light is on the honor killing and assault as both of them were concluded to be having a phone call the incident took place, however the girl’s family is denying this possibility.


The girl’s body was found 3 days later with 19 injuries, hair chopped out and ruptured liver. It seemed that a blunt weapon was inserted and that the internal wounds were harsh. “When the rapists are caught, I want them to be tortured the same way my daughter was raped and killed. I want them to be cut up, slowly into pieces,” the girl’s mother said.

The injuries suggest that the girl retaliated a lot but failed to save herself. All the damage to her private parts seems to have been done after she was drowned and murdered.

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The couple had 2 daughters and the father barely earned 200-300 rupees per day but made sure that both the girls get private education. The victim also had a dream to be a doctor and pull the family out of poverty. The younger one who is 11 years old is still to comprehend the events as it is horrifying to her.

“The killers behaved worse than animals. Despite my limited means, I will fight all my life to bring her killers to justice,” the father said.

The past has been brutal for the family but we hope that the needful is done and the criminals are taken in charge. The family should be supported in whatever ways the authorities can and we hope the soul gets the justice.

ht: Hindustan Times

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