Is the society we live in safe for our kids? This question always haunts us when we come to know about the crimes happening out there with the minors.In yet another heinous crime, a 5-year-old girl was allegedly raped and brutally murdered on last Friday in Hisar, Haryana. A stick was found in her private parts which reminds of the gruesome Nirbhaya incident the anniversary of which is on 16th December.

As per India today, the girl was kidnapped from her house in the night by the culprits. The girl was raped and then left to die there at the crime scene. When the family members couldn’t find her in the morning at home, they searched everywhere. One local found the body lying in blood not far away from their house.


According to the post-mortem report, a 16cm of the stick was found inside the vagina which totally damaged her uterus and intestines. There are also bruises on the girl’s shoulders, waist, noses, and neck.

“The victim died due to the torture perpetrated by inserting a wooden stick into her private parts. The stick was inserted with a force which not only caused serious injuries inside uterus but also in the intestine.”Dr. Reetu Gupta, who conducted the post-mortem told to India today.


The residents of the village are now demanding for justice. As a sign of protest, they have shut down their shops and blocked the roads. The family has said that they are not going to create the body until the rapist is arrested.

“FIR has been registered, SIT has been formed for a thorough investigation in the case, no persons have been arrested yet”, Jitender Kumar, DSP of Hisar replied to ANI.

We can’t imagine the cruelty with which the little girl would have been killed. Our ink is running dry and we are running out of words after reporting such incidents one after another. The accused certainly deserves nothing less than a death penalty for the heinous incident.

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