It’s been almost a year since Ram Rahim was arrested after all his scandals got exposed one by one. From rapes to murders, the self-proclaimed Godman had committed almost every heinous crime possible and yet, his followers had set roads afire protesting against his imprisonment. If you think that you’ve already seen the most extreme consequence of blind faith, then you’re wrong. People have still not learnt a lesson and this time 120 women have fallen victim to sexual harassment by a ‘Tantrik’ only because of their blind faith.


Baba Amarpuri alias Billu is a 60 YO Tantrik from Fatehabad’s Tohar. He has not only raped 120 women but also filmed each of them. He used to use those clips to blackmail the women and rape them again. A relative of one of the victims handed over the clips to the police in a CD and let us mention again, not just one or two but 120 such clips are currently with Hisar police now. He threatened women to make the clips public and thus forcing them to visit his temple again and again.

“We are in the process of getting details about his victims so that their statements can be recorded”, said Bimla Devi, Fatehabad’s women’s police station’s in-charge. As two other victims have come forward to record their statements, Amarpuri has been sent to remand for 5 days.

Amarpuri has been booked under various IPC sections, including rape, word, gesture or act obscenity and criminal intimidation. Sections of the Information Technology Act have also been invoked.

Fatehabad’s SP Deepak Saharan says to TOI that another rape case was filed against Amarpuri (His real name being Amarveer) by a man who knew him. He had accused the Tantrik of raping his wife in his ‘temple’ but the culprit somehow got bail.

Amarpuri calls all allegations against him as false and says that he’s being framed for not paying protection money to the police.


Dear citizens, faith is the vision to differentiate between the wrong and the right. It’s not meant to be a blindfold. Being a believer, an atheist or an agnostic is a matter of choice. But being stupid enough to invest your devotion on a human being and surrendering yourself to an extent where you fall vulnerable, is shameful. We’ve seen enough cases of such frauds being conducted in the name of faith to not fall for such hoaxes, but looks like we never get tired of being cheated.

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