In the recent times, a lot of cases of animal cruelty have been reported from all across India. Ranging from the killing of dogs to a Mumbai watchman raping a dog we have seen it all, and looks like with their heinous acts people are hell bent to blur the line between human and animals.

According to a TOI report, 4 stray dogs were allegedly tied with rope and burned alive in a Baner locality near Pancard road of Pune. The report further states that around 16 dogs were also poisoned in the same locality.

Members of NGO AaCT India (Action for Animals against Cruelty and Trauma) have found scattered remains of the burnt body parts of the dogs along with some decomposed bodies.


The media report quoted AaCT India representative Neena Rai as saying, “On September 28, we notified the police about the burnt and decomposed dog bodies in the area. While we were talking to people about the decomposed and charred dog bodies, some workers in the area pointed to an office nearby, saying that people from there had tied the limbs of four dogs, dragged them for 50 meters, poured petrol and set them on fire.”
According to Rai, the workers were not sure if the dogs were burnt alive but they felt that they had seen the limbs of dogs moving while it was set on fire.

The bodies of the dogs were mostly burnt out and only parts like skulls and bones were recovered which were sent for postmortem.When Rai first visited the locality on September 28, she found the dead bodies of two stray dogs and another puppy lying dead at different places in a radius of 100 sq m.”On investigating further, we found 11 more dog bodies, which had decomposed 50% to 70%. One dog’s head was severed from the torso, its legs tied and broken,” she said to TOI.

On September 28 When members of the NGO approached the police and told them about the incident, Chatushrungi police did a panchnama after visiting the spot. A FIR will be filed today after the postmortem reports come in.

The incident is really heinous and heart-wrenching and shows why strict laws are needed to be made against animal cruelty.The criminals must be booked for this mass killing of the voiceless strays.

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