Driver K Gopakumar (41) and conductor Shaiju (40), of an interstate Kerala State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) bus, waited for a woman passenger at a deserted bus stop late on Sunday night until her kin arrived to pick her up.
Hardly did they know, this humble gesture of theirs will get them in the news.
The bus takes the Thiruvananthapuram – Coimbatore route every week and the duo waited for the woman at 1:30 AM just so she could reach home safely without thinking of their bus timings.


Athira Jayan, the passenger, who works for Indigo, was alone when she reached the deserted Sankaramangalam bus stop.

“She boarded the bus from Athani, near Angamaly, which is very close to Nedumbassery airport. It was raining heavily and once we reached Kollam, she got down at Sankaramangalam at about 1.30 am. The stop was deserted. We asked her if anyone would come to pick her up. She said her brother was coming and told us we could leave. But we decided to stay back till her brother came”.Gopakumar, who has been a KSRTC driver since 2008 was quoted as saying by The News Minute.

The driver and the conductor were considerate enough to let her wait inside the bus until someone came to pick her up.

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“We asked her to sit inside as it was pouring. We waited for 10 minutes by which time her brother came. We had to compromise on the schedule a bit, but thankfully there were only a few passengers and they were all sleeping, so nobody objected. Once Athira’s brother arrived, the duo thanked us and left,” Gopakumar said.


The duo didn’t know this small gesture of them would give them so much of appreciation from everywhere, not only the public but the authorities as well. Both received a lot of messages on Whatsapp and social media praising them for the act. Gopakumar said. “I honestly didn’t think about it. We were even considering dropping her at the next stand in Karunagapalli, in case her family didn’t come. We were just anxious about her safety and once her family came we carried on with our duty. Then Shaiju (the conductor) told me that she had put up a post and it became news.”

Even though waiting a few minutes for a passenger isn’t much, but it is a lot when it comes to someone’s safety. What the driver and the conductor did, was a responsibility every other duo should take when it comes to a passenger’s safety and their life and the act is certainly praiseworthy.

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