In a city like Bombay that runs on its lifeline, the local trains, commuting is easy and tough in its own way. With so many people travelling together, and not to forget the peak hours, the station gets jam-packed. From people who are travelling for the first time and don’t know which train to get on to the ones who’ve been travelling in the local all their life, everybody is too busy and in a hurry to grab the seats.

Deepika, one of the commuters of the local trains noticed a woman, looking shabby, wearing worn-out clothes, boarding her train from Churchgate and when asked for a place to sit was turned down by all the passengers despite enough space.

Dipika took to Twitter to share the story of this old lady and what happened to her.

There’s a bit more to the story of Ivy, the amount of pain she has gone through in her life and the spirit with which she fought will put the people who were judging her to shame.

This is truly an inspiring story as to how Ivy got through of hardships in her life. She has taught us no matter what life brings us we need to stand strong with our heads held high. It is very important for us to realize that someone’s appearance doesn’t define who they are, nor does it show how rich they are at heart.

But still, we do judge others on the basis of their looks which is entirely wrong on our part. Not every superhero wears a costume, Ivy is one of them. She is a superhero for all the ones whom she teaches for they cannot receive this privilege from anywhere else. She’s doing a commendable service even at this age of her life where people probably sit and have a leisure time in the backyard of their house.

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