Schools,Colleges, and Universities are the places which impart rational thinking, scientific temperament, and moral values to its students. It teaches that both men and women are equal and no discrimination should be done on the basis of gender, religion, caste, race, and color. But, what if these institutions start spreading misogynist and patriarchal ideology to the society?

Currently, a poster from Hindu College of Delhi University is in limelight which shows how the organizers and makers of these posters despite being in a prestigious college, still believe in objectifying women. The freshers of the college were welcomed with a ‘blatant gendered  and misogynistic’ poster which read, ‘Hindu mein maal aur maal dono milta hai.’ The local Indian word ‘maal’ literally translates to ‘goods’, but is often used to refer to drugs and as a result objectifies women.

Source: Pinjra Tod Fb Wall

The poster went viral on social media and grabbed many eyeballs when Pinjra Tod: Break the Hostel Locks posted the photo on their Facebook page on October 4, sent in by a student.

Pinjra Tod: Break the Hostel Locks is a student group that advocates for equal rights and non-discriminatory accommodation for female students across Delhi.

According to a report by Indian Express, one of the admins of the page told “A student sent the derogatory poster to our group, and we then put it out on our page.Soon after, the prime minister of Hindu College saw it and condemned the use of the poster.

A day after this sexist poster received online backlash, the Hindu College Parliament issued a statement on his official Facebook page condemning the incident. Brijesh Tiwari, Hindu College Prime Minister, said the Parliament would do its best to nip all such practices in the bud and ensure that the student-driven crusade against misogyny never weakens.”

It’s sad to see that Hindu College which has catered to the talents of numerous young students who walk into its premises every year and has provided them a platform to bring out the best within them, keeps such a sexist view towards the female students studying there. The Indian Feed hopes that administrative bodies of the college will take the appropriate actions to destroy the evils of misogyny, patriarchy, and sexism deeply rooted in the institution.


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