Imtiazur Rahman was married to Nivedita Ghatak 20 years back in accordance with the Special Marriages Act. Pretty obviously, Nivedita hadn’t changed her religion to Islam post marriage and remained ‘Hindu’ till she died of multiple organ failure in Delhi. She was cremated as per Hindu customs and traditions in Delhi’s Nigam Bodh Ghat but was deprived of ‘Shradh’ by a temple authority.


Imtiazur, assistant commissioner, commercial taxes in the West Bengal government had booked the 12th August slot since 6th August after due payment of RS 1300 for post-death rituals at Kali Mandir Society in the Bengali-dominated Chittaranjan Park. But the temple authority canceled the booking and even accused the man of ‘allegedly hiding his identity’ for he had done the booking in his daughter Ihini Ambreen’s name which didn’t sound Muslim or Arabic enough to the authorities.

Ashitava Bhowmik, the president of the temple society proudly describes IANS how he uncovered the evil motives of Imtiazur of bringing some 50 relatives of his inside the temple premises and starting to read Namaz there, by asking him his ‘Gotra’, lineage which forms an important factor in determining Hindu ancestry but which Muslims don’t follow.

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“Obviously, he had no answers. Muslims don’t follow gotra system. His wife can no longer be considered a Hindu after marrying the Muslim because a woman adopts the surname and belief system of her in-laws and becomes a part of that society,” Bhowmik told IANS.

This man sounds terribly stupid and insensitive at the same time. He, adding up to his pathetic orthodoxy, asked the husband to perform his deceased wife’s last rites at his home in case he’s too keen to do so.

This time I wanted to do it her way because she would have wanted to me do it like that. But am not being allowed”, says an upset Imtiazur who has never let religious differences play a villain in his relationship with his beloved wife and has yet not been able to perform a ‘Shradh’ for her.


Dear guardians of religion, please do expand the horizons of your mind. A little less than that of the acreage of the landscape being utilized for building samadhis (better call shrines) of so-called VIPs, will be okay. See, what an inter-faith couple suffers even after dodging successfully all chaos being thrown at them by ‘society’ and finally being together in love for decades. You know principles that ask you to stick to it even at the expense of respecting the dead need to be amended, rather deleted immediately. We hope legal actions to be soon taken against these religious fanatics for their injudicious act.

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