From Bank statement to the phone number, linking Aadhar card to all documents is a must for Indian citizens these days to keep up their validity. This decision by Government, though is being appreciated by some intellectuals, has led to chaos among the public.

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We’ve heard how widows and differently-able pension holders were denied pension after their failure to furnish their Aadhar cards. Another such incident has taken place in Haryana, where a 55 YO widow of a Kargil Martyr allegedly died due to denial of treatment by the Hospital just because she couldn’t produce her Aadhar.

The deceased is Shakuntala Devi, wife of Havaldar Laxman Dass who was posted with the 8th Jat Regiment in Muskoh valley near Kargil. He died of bullet injuries during a gun battle with intruders on June 9, 1999. She arrived at an ECHS in serious condition and was referred to Tulip Hospital.

Son of the lady, Mr. Pavan Kumar Balyan has given his statements to ANI which is as below,

“I brought my mother in a serious condition to the hospital. They asked me to get the Aadhaar card, but I didn’t have it then so I showed them a copy on my phone”

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He further adds, “I said that I will get Aadhaar in an hour or so, meanwhile begin with the treatment but the hospital refused to do so.”

But on the other side of the story, Dr Abhimanyu Kumar, on behalf of Tulip Hospital has denied every allegation saying-
“We never denied them treatment. Please note that he never got the patient to the hospital. We have never stopped any treatment due to Aadhaar card ever. It is mandatory, not for treatment, but for documentation process.”

The Martyr’s wife’s death managed to draw the attention of Haryana CM, Mr Manohar Lal Khattar. As he speaks to ANI-

“I have received information about it. We will conduct an inquiry & punish those found guilty.”

Here, we don’t blame Government’s decision on Aadhar-linking. We just expect its implementation to be more efficient. Priorities to be more sorted. In this case, treatment could have begun as documentation, nevertheless can wait. That’s how a life could have been saved. Not being biased, let’s take into account the statement of Hospital Authority too and wait for the investigations to bring before us whole truth!

The Indian Feed expresses its respect for the departed soul and condolences to the bereaved family.

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