Once again humanity won, when a 11-year-old boy in Kolkata, saved a turtle from a fisherman who was selling it openly in the market near Howrah’s Sankrail.
He was out with his family enjoying the drive when he saw something wrong at the fish shop, he told his driver to stop and went to see what was actually happening.


“I asked Driver Uncle to stop. I got off with my father and told the shopkeeper that he should not be selling turtles,” Asmit Biswas said to Telegraph India.
Asmit has been a wildlife enthusiast from a very young age, and his love has only grown over the years for animals with attending various conservation lectures in school and reading wildlife magazines.
The turtle rescued by the boy was an Indian Flapshell Turtle, a Schedule I animal protected under the Wildlife Protection Act of 1972, hunting, selling or killing of which is illegal and prohibited.

When Asmit told the trader that he cannot sell the turtle, he was asked to mind his own business or to buy the turtle, himself. He further asked his father to do so because that was the only way he could save that little being.
“I knew if I did not buy the turtle, someone else would and kill it for its meat,” Asmit said according to the reports. The trader further sold it for Rs. 700, after Asmit and his father, brought the price down from Rs. 1000 haggling.


Asmit took the turtle home and kept it in a bucket of water, fed him shells and rice for a few days. Meanwhile, his father got in contact with SHER, an NGO that works for the wildlife and nature and told them about the incident, which they passed it on to the forest department.
“A turtle is not killed before it is cut into pieces. The sellers slice off portions according to the demand. The animal writhes in pain,” said Suchandra Kundu, a co-founder of SHER.
Asmit was then told to hand over the turtle himself on the coming Wednesday, to mark THE WORLD TURTLE DAY.

Anyone who rescues a protected animal should contact the forest department, directly or through an organisation and alert them about the same. The department’s toll-free number is 1926.


What Asmit did, it takes a lot of courage to do that, because it takes a lot to do the right thing. Saving the wildlife, and saving the environment is in our hands, and we must do our bit. It is important for us to understand, as long as they live, we live too. What we do, always comes back to us, somewhere or the other. If we keep ignoring what we see and the wrong around us, someone or the other will keep doing it because they think it’s right for them to do. Let us stand up for what is wrong, be it anything, because if someone won’t, things like this will continue to happen today and tomorrow. In order to reach the goal of a better India, we need to take a step closer and ahead, together. Asmit gave us a hope, and we should take it further.

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