In an imaginary world full of kindness this could have been yet another simple and normal gesture by any human being, however, looking at the chaos going on around us due to the acts of some devils disguised as humans, this gesture from a Mangaluru cop certainly deserves a salute. At a time when people refuse to help accident victims fearing that their cars will get ‘dirty’, a Mangaluru cop helped a woman deliver the baby in his car.

The cop Ravi Kumar who is a head constable at Mangaluru Police Station rescued a woman, who was in severe labor pain and was about to deliver the baby. Ravi Kumar who was about to drop his children at a school in Yekkuru came across mother and her son, who approached him for help.


Naushad who is an auto driver by profession told TOI that his sister Balkesh was undergoing severe labor pain. They had traveled almost eight kilometers in his auto rickshaw from Ullal towards a private hospital in Kankanady. However, during the journey itself, Balkesh almost delivered the baby.

The baby had partially come out. There were three women in the auto – my mother, elder sister and Balkesh. She was bleeding.” Naushad was quoted by TOI.


We did not know what to do as a part of the baby was already out. We saw a car nearby and rushed towards it seeking help. Ravi Kumar did not think twice before helping. Balkesh ended up delivering in his car,Naushad added.

As soon as the mother-son duo approached the cop he knew, as a human, it’s his duty to help the family. He quickly dropped his children and rushed towards the family in his car

Even while I was walking them, my kids told me to take care of the woman in pain. I drove as fast as I could so that we reached the hospital on time. However, she delivered in the car,” Ravi said.

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The mother was then taken to the hospital, and required medical help was then provided to the mother and newborn. Reportedly, the baby boy and mother both are safe now.

At a time when people are busy in fighting among themselves on the basis of religion, instead of fighting against the rapists, this story certainly comes as a breeze of fresh air.

I would not have qualified as a human being had I not helped. I just happened to be there at that time.” the cops say.

We are proud of such cops and human beings who have kept the spirit of humanity alive!

h/t : TOI

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