Pune: A resident of Mumbai was robbed On December 21 on his way back from Pune and an Uber Eats delivery boy dropped him at a place so he wouldn’t have to walk all the miles back home.

As per the reports, Purshottam D, a Mumbai resident got pick-pocketed and with absolutely no cash to commute the only choice he had was to walk the remaining 12 km.

Speaking to Pune Mirror, Purshottam said, “The experience was most traumatic, as I had lost a wallet with all my cash and cards in it. I began walking to where I was supposed to stay, which was 12 km away…”
After the delivery boy, Dyaneshwar Bombade, who was on his way to his delivery was approached by Purshottam, he decided to help and drop him near University Road because the latter had already been walking for quite some time.

“While I was passing Pashan circle, I stopped when I saw a man was unable to walk properly, as his leg was hurt. When I checked if he needed help, he told me it would be of great help if I could drop him somewhere near University Road, as he had already been walking for quite some time,” said Dyaneshwar.

“I felt bad that he would have to roam around the whole city with me, so I called up the customer and asked to wait just 15-20 minutes extra, saying the order would be delivered a little later than expected—and they agreed… It was really not a big deal – just a small act of humanity. I try and help as many people as I can,” Dnyaneshwar said.

Dnyaneshwar, who does night delivery for the food giant is a commerce student originally from Latur in Maharashtra.

Dnyaneshwar’s gesture shows an act like this doesn’t cost a dime and not to forget it helped Purshottam reach home safely.

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